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picBBC Radio 4 Drama broadcasts Inspector Chen Novels series, Death of a Red Heroine, A Loyal Character Dancer, When Red Is Black, A Case of Two Cities, Red Mandarin Dress, The Mao Case, Feb 11, 2017 & Dec 05, 2015

picA lecture with Qiu Xiaolong at the University of Houston, Class OET, Jan 27, 2017

picNew Inspector Chen novel honored on RFI (Radio France Internationale) Dec 24, 2016
Live on Live with Chinese author Qiu Xiaolong by RFI (Radio France Internationale)

picTrois belles curiosités de la rentrée littéraire 2016.. Un roman chinois, un allemand et un du Zimbabwe : et si, alors que les romans français pourtant très médiatisés ... baz-art Sept 28, 2016

picrencontre avec Qiu Xiaolong « C'est mon devoir de raconter la révolution culturelle, car les Chinois, eux, ne le peuvent pas. » onlalu Sept 29, 2016

picThe "Inspector Chen" Poems: A Look at the Man and His Verse, LA Review of Books June 22, 2016

pic裘小龙的侦探小说, documentary by SMG (Shanghai Media Group) Art Media Channel on May 10, 2016

picEnigma of China, China today witnesses many struggles - between tradition and modernity, between industrial development and environmental protection, between socialism "with Chinese characteristics" and full capitalism, but the toughest is between conscience and conformit ... The Times of India Nov 10, 2015

picShanghai Mysteries: A Q&A with Qiu Xiaolong, By Jeffrey Wasserstrom LA Review of Books September 30, 2015

picQ. and A.: Qiu Xiaolong on His Novel 'Shanghai Redemption', by Edward Wong The New York Time August 16, 2015

picInternational Thrills: An interview with Qiu Xiaolong by Layton Green The Big Thrill July 30, 2015

picChinese exile Qiu once again movingly and convincingly portrays the plight of an honest cop in a police state, in his ninth novel featuring Insp. Chen Cao (after 2013's The Enigma of China). Chen's life and career (he's also a poet) have never been in more jeopardy. Publishers Weekly July 27, 2015

pic WPJ Live: "China's Smoke-Smothered Sky" with Qiu Xiaolong on July 14, 2015

picAward-winning creator of Shanghai police detective and poet Inspecter Chen Cao, spoke about his crime novel series and its commentary on contemporary China at the University of Delaware, March 2015

picIn Fast-Changing China, Reality Can Overtake Fiction, by Frank Langfitt NPR January 6, 2014

picThe dilemmas of being an ethical cop in a police state have rarely been as neatly delineated as in Qiu's superb eighth novel featuring Chief Insp. Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police Bureau, Publishers Weekly April 15, 2013

picA glimpse of modern China, Qiu Xiaolong's Inspector Chen novels are highly readable and entertaining, with a touch of political commentary, the Economist July 10, 2012

picSearching for the Truth in a Place Made of Lies By Tom Nolan the Washington Post May 25, 2012

picQiu Xiaolong's 'Don't Cry, Tai Lake' has a political edge, but endearing innocence, By Patrick Anderson the Washington Post May 20, 2012

pic'Tai Lake': Murder Most Ecological In China, By Maureen Corrigan the Washington Post May 09, 2012

picQiu's When Red is Black, Book Review by By Zoltaire, seattlepi April 27, 2011

picRed Cop in Red China, Qiu Xiaolong's Novels on the Cusp of Communism and Capitalism, by Jonah Raskin Monthly Review October, 2010

picThe Mao Case, "I was initially drawn to this book, as it is set in Shanghai, somewhere I'd love to visit if I ever get the opportunity, but also because it is the first crime novel I've had the opportunity to read that is set in China. I was not disappointed. This is a fascinating book and I enjoyed it very much." by Michelle Peckham EURO CRIME October, 2009

picThe Mao Case, Comrade Chief Inspector Chen of Shanghai's Police Bureau is pulled out of regular duties by Communist Party ... by James Urquhart, Independent February 10, 2009

picRed Mandarin Dress, Asian Review of Books

picMasterpiece | Spotlight on World Mysteries - Qui Xiaolong | PBS

picRed Mandarin Dress, by By Andrew McNulty the Australian Women's Weekly, Feb 17, 2008

picSo Fresh and Bloody, by Caroline Fraser London Review of Books, December 18, 2008

picCatherine Sampson's top 10 Asian crime fiction, the Guardian, August 26, 2007

picFor Creator of Inspector Chen, China Is a Tough Case to Crack, By Howard W. French, the New York Times, APRIL 7, 2007

picShanghai Detective Fiction Reflects a Changing China, NPR September 29, 2006

picA Loyal Character Dancer by Qiu Xiaolong, Mao's legacy and the Triads are tackled in a passionate, literary thriller by Barry Forshaw, Independent July 23, 2006

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